A-Z Top Startup Incubators Of India

Top Startup Incubators in India they grant you access to all the building blocks of a company, from financing to mentoring to services.

Incubators are those that offer various services such as management training, office space to all those profitable businesses and cherishing ideas in India. In this dynamic world, the birth of start-up companies is witnessed rapidly. Various accelerators and incubators help these start-up companies flourish in a brief span of time.

Here’s the concise list of  startups Incubator in India:

Top Startup Incubators of India:

Top incubators in india

Amity innovation incubator

Amity innovation incubator founded in the year 2008 is one of the topmost incubators in India. It is in Noida. It is supported by DST, GOI, Ministry of Science & Technology.

This incubator has helped many startups which have a highly innovative idea and have the potential to bring a change in the market. They primarily focus on IT-based ideas.

It provides funds for up to 1 Cr. Apnacircle Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Circuitsutra Technologies Pvt Ltd are some notable startups.

Angel Prime

Angel Prime was founded in the year 2011 in Bengaluru by Bala Parathasarathy, Shripati Acharya and Sanjay Swamy. This incubator focuses on startups that need seed capital.

They primarily invest in Mobile internet, ecommerce and tablet/mobile app. It provides funds for up to USD 200k-600k. Nimble Wireless, Synup are few notable startups.

CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship)- IIMA

CIIE is an incubator set up by IIMA (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad). It was started in the year 2002 as a research institute, but later in the year 2007, they converted it into a full-fledged incubator.

It is supported by the Indian government and Gujrat government and operates through autonomous NPOs. The Faculty and Alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and other like-minded people who wish to encourage creative startups are the members of this incubator.

Their focus areas are like Information Communication Technology, cleantech, and socially responsible startups and healthcare. They provide funds up to INR 20 lakhs. Innoz, Biosense, Boond are few notable startups.

IAN incubator

Indian Angel Network was established in Delhi. It is supported by the government of India, National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), and Department of Science & Technology (DST). The team of Indian Angel Network includes academicians, professionals in specific domains, experienced entrepreneurs, and other experts in the field.

IAN incubator supports many small startups to bring their vision into reality by helping them in business planning, recruiting their top team, commercializing their technologies, developing their products, etc. They focus on areas IT, Telecom, Mobile VAS, Gaming and Animation, Internet, Media, Education, Healthcare, etc. They provide funding through ways various sources such as seed funding, government grants. IndiaCollegeSearch, Mukunda Foods, Skill Boost are few notable startups.


iCreate incubator was founded in the year 2011 in Ahmedabad.  The incubator is supported by the Gujarat Foundation of Entrepreneurial Excellence (GFEE) and as a joint venture of Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited (GMDC) and Gujrat Entrepreneurship and Venture Promotion Foundation (GEVPF).

They provide benefits to entrepreneurs such as training, seminars. It provides various opportunities such as seminars, reach out programs, networking events for the startups to flourish.


Indavest is a startup incubator founded in the year 2007 in Bangalore. It helps to various startups by providing capital, the right network, business strategy, etc.

They focus on areas such as ecommerce, software products, customised gifting. Vyoma, General sentiment are few notable startups.

Khosla labs

Khosla Labs was founded in the year 2012 in Bangalore by Vinod Khosla and Srikanth Nadhamuni. It helps various startups in various sectors such as medical, banking, data science and analytics. It was started as an innovation lab focus on solving large-scale problems faced by technology and entrepreneurial zeal. They focus on areas such as Healthcare delivery and big data analytic, mobile payments. They build project prototypes which are tested with a selected group to get feedback and improve strategies.

Also, there are other ways to raise funds in startups like raising by stocks and listing in the stock market. Learn here quick, how does stock market work.


NSRCEL Nadathur S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning is an incubation centre Set up at IIM Bangalore. It was founded in the year 2002. They provide basic facilities to incubate such as office space desktop, high-speed internet. Their funds are sourced from the government. It is an open incubator, it doesn’t distinguish between IIMB Alumni and non-alumni. Amagi, Nextgen is a few notable startups.

Science and technology entrepreneurship park

Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park, a technology-based incubator, began its operations in the year 1989. It is in Kharagpur. Their goal is to nurture the enterprise. It provides space and seed funds. Ikure Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. are a few notable startups.

Seed farm seed fund

Seed farm, seed fund is a physical incubator located in Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2011-12. The startups get inputs from experts. Their focus areas are e-commerce, financial services, analytics, online-ticketing, sports, etc.

Srijan capital

Srijan capital is in Bangalore. It provides seed-stage investment to technology startups. There focus areas are e-commerce, SAAS, social media, etc. Explara, TookiTaki, CouponRani are few notable startups.

Technopark TBI

Technopark technology business incubator is in Kerala. It was founded in the year 2007. It is a non-academic business incubator, hosted and housed inside Asia. It is associated with Technopark, Trivandrum and the Department of Science and Technology, GOI. There focus areas are technology business startups. They provide services such as office space, mentoring support, networking of business resources.

They only invest in startups which have a great business plan and profit capturing power.

UnLtd India

UnLtd India is in Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2007. It is an incubator for social entrepreneurs. It helps them to develop, speed up their impact, etc. they focus on areas of social startups. They have key programs namely incubation support, social mashup and Bootcamp.

Veddis venture

Veddis venture was founded in 2007, they had launched incubation centre in India in the year 2007. It is in Gurugram Haryana in India and in London and Gibraltar. They focus on the fields of consumer technology. They provide several fundings to startups based on IT, Social networking, etc. they provide services in India and abroad (USA, Europe). Favista is a notable startup.

Seed Fund

Seedfund is one of India’s most prestigious early-stage incubators for startups. And their team of qualified investment managers put together all of their entrepreneurial expertise to accelerate any startup‘s growth.
To fuel their growth, the team mainly provides mentoring, advisory, and funding to startups.
Focus area: Their current portfolio reveals their areas of focus as Consumer Internet, Sports.
Funding: Up to INR 1.5 Cr. Seedfund can also make a follow-on $2 Mn investment, depending on the outcome.
Startups worthy of note: Redbus, Carwale, Voonik

Wrapping up:

I recognise you may be severely held back by the obstacles in the journey of entrepreneurship.
The correct kind of assistance, however, still makes a difference.
With the mentioned startup incubators in India, you can not only communicate your idea but also increase your business to unprecedented heights.
Also, try to add some more best well-known startup incubators which I missed it. It may help many!
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