Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers: Most effective to adapt

The word Agritech defines the innovative fusion of technology and agriculture that comes together to prevent the multiple sections of problems and obstacles of Indian farmers. It primarily combines the function and collection of data that helps in generating efficient use of agricultural aspects, robotic analysis, artificial intelligence, and many more to overcome the problems and difficulties faced by today’s farmers.

Let us discuss the startup that comes in front while establishing the power and growth of Indian farmers and help them to relate to today’s lifestyle with beneficiary things. Here are the Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers that will regenerate the idea of farming in a creative and trendy manner.

Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers


Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

The agritech startup generally discovers to ease the difficulties of the Indian farmers. The Aibono is the first artificial powdered startup to develop the end-to-end process from the method of food planting and nourishing from the beginning of sources, then the production of seeds with the help of expert machinery is followed by multiple nurseries till the time that seed is not converted into a vegetable or fruit; after that, they aggregate it throughout the year (fresh from the farm and serves the best outcome in seed-to-plate method).

This smart technique of farming allows Indian farmers to explore internet platforms to share different beneficial things and get supervised. Aibono was founded by Vivek Rajkumar in 2013, originated from Bengaluru, India; it is the package of the full process from the first stage of planting till the final stage of planting.

EM3 Agri services

Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

The Agritech startup plan describes the work of both technology and mechanism that fully synchronizes the cycle of cultivation to cure the difficulties of Indian farmers with technology and increases the rate of agricultural productivity all over the country. It describes the platform of Farmers as a Service manner that is initiated with a technological pattern to help farmers through different farm centres which highly managed by various IT experts, agricultural professionals that command Hitech range of tools and machinery for crops like sugarcane, rice, pulses, etc. such as Samadhan Kendra and Samadhan Kothi, situated in different locations as per their needs.

EM3 Agriservices was founded by Adwitiya Mal and Rohitash Mal in 2013, originated in Noida, India. It helps Indian farmers to think in a creative manner for cultivation and also provides effective tools at affordable prices in machinery to help them in farming.

CropIn Technology

Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This Agritech startup act as a Software-as-a-Service to farmers that combinedly provide the platform of artificial intelligence to expertise the method of data gathering and data analysis with a solution of cutting-edge delivery to each and every stakeholder; alongside providing efficient data storage and analysis of satellite monitoring as well as weather forecasts.

This technology startup comes in a package of the small outcome of sales software and taking risks of smart farming that differentiate in various modules through digitization tracking with effective and convenient reporting methods.

CropIn technology was founded by Krishan Kumar in 2010, originated in Karnataka, Bengaluru, India. It is defined as the best Saas product to manipulate sales productivity, growth, and sustainability with a great decision-making process to help today’s farmers in their fields.

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Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This startup is the best outcome of agricultural technology as a Saas product that generates a market platform to provide agricultural equipment, products, pesticides, organic products, chemicals, insecticides, machinery, poultry products, and many more. Their targeted audience does not only provide the benefit to farmers but also to those who look after the nurseries, small housing, NGOs, and other farming institutes. This tool provides the best and affordable brands of pesticides, seeds, herbs, etc. to produce natural methods with trendy and up-to-date facilities.

The vast range of choices gives the buyer a great quality to protect plants, seeds, and their nutrition products by providing delivery to their respective locations on the doorsteps. Bighaat acts as an agricultural application in a digital platform commanded by an android application or a missed call; founded by Sateesh Nakula, Raj Kancham, and Sachin Nandwana in 2014, originated in Bangalore, India.


Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This startup plan gives the facility on an android application and customer care centers to monitor the services of products in different locations. Indian farmers are best known for their traditional farming techniques in different crop cultivation; to maintain the legacy of that unique style. Agrostar startup helps farmers to solve the difficulties that occurred during this process like – duplicity, unavailability of a product, adultery by just a missed call away, or with the help of an android application.

This SaaS product not only provides the best quality of products to maintain and cultivate different crops but also gives you an expert opinion called Agronomy advice in managing their farms and sustain productivity to increase the growth of manufacturers. Agrostar provides the best customer services with the help of efficient technological gadgets on time and provides data storage methods to secure receivers’ search that will help to analyze farmers’ agri-input to give perfect solutions of advice and products.

Agrostar is the first built call center to help farmers with timely product delivery at the mentioned location at zero-travel convenience. Co-founder Shardul Sheth originated in Pune, Maharashtra, India in 2008.


Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This is another SaaS tool to collect farmers’ ideas, research, and allow them to explore different fields of the brand. This application is based on a wholesale business in which it provides the best range of goods, products, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and many more all over India as an efficient supply-chain with a true higher return policy of profit directly from the farmers to consumers’ end which reduces the waste of product, increases profit and consumes less time.

This startup will allow their consumers to make a choice of product with the best brand deals within efficient time and delivery of that product to the doorsteps of consumers at their nearest described landmark, at affordable prices. It is defined as the largest social enterprise that built a positive impact on the living of Indian farmers by providing great development and distribution of products and food which is exported and supplied to a wide range of locations.

WayCool was founded by Karthik Jayaraman in 2015, originated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India; it acts as a real wholesaler market on digital platforms.


Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This agricultural startup is used as marketing technology equipment in a digital platform to help low-budget farmers to sell their business at low-cost with the best policy return. This tool conveys the product supply chain under process by high technology, advanced infrastructure, and a large network with secure data storage that comes directly in touch with their business consumers.

They allow farmers to sell their products like fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. freshly to their collective centers rather than investing in transportation to distribution centers, then to retailers and small business, Ninjacart was founded by Thirukumaran Nagarajan in May 2015, originated in Bengaluru, India; it demonstrates the concept of Business-to-Business from farmers to retailers.


The concept of an agricultural supply chain model that provides buyers to buy fresh veggies and fruits as freshly originated in farms and directly supplied to the retailer market whether it may be online or offline at an effective and affordable price.

The process is to describe the demands of the buyers at consumers’ end and facilities which is to be provided by a business end by allowing to maintain a dashboard of data analysis, quick adding of their customer demands, tracking products, financial backends, and all up-to-date information of the supplies from local retailers to respective sourcing partners.

Crofarm is an application founded in 2016, originated in Gurgaon, India which describes the concept of farm to business rules in which farmers are in front of their end market.

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Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This startup generally focuses on the protection of farming from different types of vagaries that are caused by nature. This startup helps to generate a low cost of innovative technology that comes in an affordable range to secure the development of small farms and will also provide a source of effective income to farmers who become the victim of vagaries.

The whole concept is to provide shelter to local small farmers who suffer sudden attack by some natural causes in various manners like – providing loans, different services of farming, market access platform, etc. to get rid of roadblocks and getting back to farming by using less amount of water resources, is a result of better agricultural productivity.

Kheyti was founded by Sathya on 28 December 2015, originated in Hyderabad.


Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers

This Agritech startup is to differentiate the values of demand-supply chain process from the farmer’s end who actually manufactured the product, then the price increases at the wholesale market which is further sold to small retail business, where the product gets a price hike again; therefore the price of a product increases much higher than the actual rate.

This drawback leads to the unfair nature of product pricing to farmers who are primarily responsible for the overall business. Agrowave considered this problem and built a concept of a farmer to business form to increase the sustainability and effective supply chain by creating and maintaining data-driven rules of a farm by fixing the pattern of distribution.

Agrowave was founded by Anu Meena on 17 March 2017, originated in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Additionally, there is a wide range of startups that helps Indian farmers to grow. All the above Top 10 Agritech startups empowering Indian farmers describe the existence of Agritech startups in farmers’ livelihood.

Hope the above points of booming agritech startups of India are now much clear and precise. Now all I want is to share it with your buddies and your community. Also, we would like to hear which startup you are likely to support most comment below.

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