Top SaaS tools for startup founders: 7 basic tools for you

This topic tells about the essential part one should always keep in mind for a startup. The word SaaS has its own identity, which defines the face of application software in the world of IT (Technology). SaaS stands for Software As A Service; as a model representative. Saas tools come with great business models and altogether it helps the founders as well. It acts like a third party or host distribution software model that provides easy access to multiple ranges of consumer level, at low cost; is the most popular and friendly form of application of cloud computing.

In today’s world,  Top SaaS tools for startup founders are widely used in multiple platforms or businesses as it represents a licensed model which varies on the customers’ subscription process. It is on-demand software that is ready to give comfort to the customer in their different choices. SaaS has no physical contact form from its users because the accessibility of the application is saved as a third party or host over the internet. It is sponsored by multiple software companies like Intuit, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc.

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

Starting up a business requires a lot of research and several procedures; now consider some effective tools that stand on your various departments like market or project management, sales management, human resource, and commonly communicating in different ways, required by

Top SaaS tools for startup founders,

Project Management SaaS (Asana)

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

It is one of the most essential SaaS of project management that works to improve designs for team collaboration tasks, which is used in work management. It coordinates with both teams who handle your production and manages different projects efficiently and helps to maintain various tasks also that can be systematically attempted to complete your desired goal. This application software was designed for the web and it is also available as a mobile application to manage tasks related to the business team, from gathering raw data to organizing talented teammates, planning tasks as per the ability, and executing systematic task activity at given specific deadlines.

Asana was founded in 2008 and released commercially in 2012 April. Co-founders are the engineer of ex-Facebook and Google, Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz, respectively. This application was created to solve all problems related to Project Management.

Marketing Management SaaS (MailChimp)

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

Startup founders should consider that their project must be built or executed properly before coming into a competitive market. Their production yields a result of failure and success after entering the market. One’s product should be examined in respect of all skills and campaigns for efficient recognition and growth. MailChimp is the best SaaS tool for business email marketing that not only conveys through social media, digital advertisements, but newsletter services also.

Reports about your product should get all over recognition with better feedback and overview response. Analyzing emails one should also allow its features like – campaign through postcards, landing pages, and many more to get a beneficiary response which helps you to grow your business products in the market.

MailChimp is an email marketing SaaS tool founded in 2001 whose co-founders are Mark Armstrong and Ben Chestnut (Dan Kurzius joined later).

Social Media Marketing SaaS (HootSuite)

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

Marketing your product is a key role for any business because nowadays people only admire or follow those which are trendy, no one wants to belong to an old school type social media or digital platform became the most easy-to-go path for varieties of people. Therefore, social marketing about your startup business is important for your product to be visible. Hootsuite is an effective SaaS tool for handling your services and goods on a digital platform or act as a research tool that provides all information about your targeted users.

Project is not only conveying through marketing on different platforms but also knowing about your customers and their approval is important. Therefore, this tool allows us to manage or schedule all social media handling, and media networks; one should actively propose or analyze their post or tasks. It allows us to have an eye on our product content between different followers and report their reviews to improve your production.

Hootsuite is a social media platform that manages all from one dashboard. It was founded in 2008 whose co-founder is Ryan Holmes.

Communication SaaS (Slack)

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

For people who want to start their new business or for those who are already in some business, essential tools are considered creating a business plan and marketing, but the most important is Communication. People only think for raw data while researching plans but one’s raw data can become an informative idea only through Communication. Marketing and sales are mostly dependent on how one can communicate or place their thoughts in the right manner.

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Slack is an essential SaaS tool that is used by startup founders to communicate over a vast range of fastest established applications. Over the world, Slack a software medium for communication to decide whether it was a meeting on different channels over various projects or it must be a one-on-one conversation of any related topic done on private terms and sending or finding messages.  You can allow your team to connect with one platform that conveys to create multiple platforms for organized conversation.

This SaaS tool users can integrate through other application software like – g-mail, Trello, etc. to share and get notified. All this information is safe and secure because all collaborations are organized in a searchable history for data saving and sharing.

Slack is a communication technology founded in August 2013 developed by the American company Slack Technologies.

Sales Management SaaS (

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

Business is defined in the basic concept of buying and selling goods and services in all regions. Manufacturing is very important for any business, but sales management gives you the outcome of all your efforts. Tracking your consumers’ feedbacks and providing them with knowledge about your new product trends and new schemes in return.

It is a sales automation software that will provide your sales team to conduct their business to those customers who are looking out for your services. Email verification, analyzing, syncing, and tracking all your posts and customer feedback are featured in software; makes it easier for your sales team to keep updated about multiple campaign stats. is a sales management application software founded in 2016 whose co-founder is Vicenzo Ruggiero, ex CEO of Javry.

Human Resource Management SaaS (Gusto)

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

Business setup is very important but the staff or teammates who handle business stability and growth. Human power must be there to establish business production, sales, marketing, and many more. Gusto SaaS tool allows you easy access to complex methods of hiring employees, keeping track of employees, personal information, health insurance, documents are updated automatically on an online interface which can be accessed by any of the concerned authorities from anywhere at any point of time.

Gusto allows the business HR team to get updated about taxes, managing people, and consider finances as per maintaining daily repetitive and multiple tasks, simply with no complexity. It acts as a running payroll SaaS software tool that is designed to maintain the staff credibility of your business as you are updated about everything related to your hired team.

Gusto was founded in 2011 November, co-founder Joshua Reeves.

Customer Relationship Management SaaS (HubSpot)

Top SaaS tools for startup founders

As CRM stands for Customer Relationship, it defines itself as managing customer relationships for your business, which is important for your growth and existence. It is better to keep track and aware of the choices of your past, present, and potential customers. It also wants you to believe that your production is worth it and can fulfil all the needs of your targeted audiences, which can yield useful reports to provide you accurate information regarding what changes are needed to be done for instant impact.

HubSpot is SaaS software available on the web to allow your business to examine all the increments of the sales process, managing contacts, dealing with multiple companies, and keeping track of activities of one’s team and consumers. This tool allows the startup founders to keep track of your staff they are providing all their effort to your business goal and fulfil customer’s needs. HubSpot is nowadays the best tool for managing customer relations that keeps track of business sales activities, reports on an individual’s records and performances.

It was founded in June 2006. Co-founders are Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan.

Sum Up

There are many other different tools available out there, but startup founders should consider these mentioned tools first as these are updated and applied mostly worldwide in 2020.

Also, if you are thinking to build your next profitable business with minimum investment, I have curated the trending list here!

The tools mentioned here are the basic requirement for any small or large startup as they act as building blocks for your startup. Therefore, these are considered Top SaaS tools for startup founders.

Do comment which tool you are most likely to use.


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