20+ profitable Business ideas in India for 2023 with least investment.

With every household access to the internet made it possible to commence several businesses and startups ideas in India. Significantly, there is an immense demand for the opportunity of entrepreneurs to cater to their big business ideas. But with the market it is immensely important to get the right product at the right time, then only it will hit big with continued growth.

Starting a business is nothing! It’s making ideas happen.

Every business has its merits and demerits. It’s all about passion for how you are working and driving it further.

It is a serious task to choose a profit-making business as it involves every stake from manpower to money. Thus, to action, easier Founder glance has summed up a list of 25 profitable Business ideas in India for 2020 with the least investment.

Profitable Business Ideas in India

App Development: #Business Idea-1

App development

Developers are never off-demand. They are needed in every niche and everywhere. So converting development as in business is the profitable suited business and existing businesses are already booming.

Every business must have a website and apps which bring integrity into them. Thus finding the right customers will not be a tough task.

Investment is 0 if you work alone and then can expand accordingly to needs and stability. This is one of the business ideas with low investment in 2023.

Profit is INR 25k+ to INR 5 lakhs/month as there is no tech development is required once it’s established, it’s recurring.

Moreover, if it hits the right customers it can give a lot of money and can be profitable.

Professional Photography: #Business Idea-2

PhotographyPhotography is a passionate business idea in India and requires skills and creativity which can convert it into a profitable business. You mainly need a Top valued DSLR and a laptop with editing software.

Start capturing captivating photographs of models and various functions and start building portfolios in return charge decent margin.

To get clients you can join photography clubs, contact wedding planners, build a network, work for gigs, and create portfolios.

Investment is mainly DSLR which can cost around INR 35k.

Talking profit you can earn anything between Rs 50k to Rs 1.5 lakhs per month.

These small businesses can be market themselves on a smaller scale. Follow these proven ideas and scale at a higher rate.

Social Media Manager: #Business Idea-3

This is the best business idea as Social media is the face of an organization. A demanded business is a must need for every firm and community. SMM is a profitable business in India with minimal investment as it only requires skills and time to scale it.

Many startups, firms, clubs, universities, celebs, events, etc are looking for the best SMM who can give them the bulk of leads from the social world and knows to manage well their clients.

Investment is 0.

Profit can fetch you about INR 40k+ per month.

Travel Planning: #Business Idea-4

Travel planning is a business that can be done from home and if expanded, can require a team to cope up. It can be a profitable business in India with 0 investment.

You have to design travel trips for individuals when you are associated with a travel arranging business. For that, you ought to have appropriate information on the lodgings, appointments, and different routes.

So you’ll have the option to design the best travel experience for your clients.

You could likewise take up a franchise of well-known travel organizations for rapidly setting up your business

Investment is INR 5k-10k.

Profit can be fetched near about INR 2.5 lakhs/year (Initially).

Online Course: #Business Idea-5

Ever thought of converting your knowledge into a profitable business?

Set up a simple to understand and outwardly engaging online course in your specific speciality, be it learning the nuts and bolts of photography, how to do proper marketing, and so on and spread the news for its advertisements.

The online course is the best business idea for women which can be done from home in India.

You can,

  • Make an enlightening online course using video, sound, and conceivable content.
  • Do promotions and affiliate marketing of your digital course.
  • Increase recurring revenue through your loyal subscribers.

Having an effective online course can get you up to a profit of Rs 10 lakh, making it the best business in India.

Event Planner: #Business Idea-6

People well versed with event arranging through their volunteering understanding or regardless of whether you have an active organization and communication skills, you can take a stab at occasion arranging.

Event planning as a business mainly involves: Finding event gigs, plan and organize the event, coordinate between the caterers, organizers, and everyone in between, manage the budget hire volunteers and team.

On average, an event planner can earn around Rs 50k, being small business ideas in India.

Wedding Planner: #Business Idea-7

It’s an endless business and individuals with inventiveness and energy makes them fruitful.

The Indian wedding industry is measured with an estimated annual market growth rate of about 25-30%.

Without thinking, you can start a wedding consultancy or a wedding planning company that can load you like the best business in India with growth in the future.

Though if some businesses require funding and money to upgrade. These ways to fund your startups can help you financially and strengthen the core business.

Recruitment Services: #Business Idea-8

HR is the essential and significant vertical in any firm and great recruitment causes an organization to develop and enrich further.

So to have tie-ups with the presumed firms and setting great employees with them makes it a minimal effort cost business.

Land Consultant: #Business Idea-9

It’s a little scope business thought of an unstructured area that you can begin with by having great contacts and advertising.

Low investment and exceptional yields are anticipated from this little scope of business.

YouTube: #Business Idea-10

Become youtuberStart your own YouTube channel in your speciality, be it design, vlogging, travel, tech, and so forth, and begin gaining higher money with the promotions as the views rise.

You will mainly,

  • Make steady, top-notch content
  • Make captivating videos
  • Cooperate with your subscribers via social networking media
  • Do collaborations, ads and sponsored content

An established Youtuber earns up to Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh a month.

Online Bakery: #Business Idea-11

The online bakery is the best home-based business idea if you are fond of baking and need to fabricate your first business around it.

You can begin a baking business online where you can set the cost of the items as per you and start developing a quality.

You have to make your disconnected pastry kitchen items, fabricate your online menu, get orders, convey orders as an online pastry specialist.

By running this profitable business you can earn anything from Rs 22k to Rs 80k every month.

Web Designer: #Business Idea-12

If you know how to develop a website and design it, then don’t sit idle.

You can convert your skills to a profitable business where there is a minimum profit of 7k INR and maximum has no bars.

This domain has seen a rising demand during the years and has huge demands for talents. You can earn as a freelance web developer or set up an agency and team and continue to provide services to your clients.

Graphic Designer: #Business Idea-13

The graphic designer is the best business idea for students when it comes to business.

This not so little niche can be turned into a profitable business idea in India. If you are someone who loves making designs and are creative enough to make things look graphically then this domain is fruitful.

You will mainly have to work on colour schemes, design logo and curate magazines covers, etc.

This business can make you profit up to Rs 20k to Rs 50k per project.

Yoga Classes: #Business Idea-14

Ever thought yoga can be converted into a business?

You can conduct yoga sessions in batches and can organize yoga sessions in organizations, parks, events and localities. During these times everyone is more likely to get healthy and fit thus it can a profitable industry to work in.

Being a yoga instructor can earn you anything from Rs 20k to Rs 60k per month.

T-Shirt Printing Business: #Business Idea-15

Gone those days where people use to wear artificially made clothes. Now is the era of customised clothes and wearables. The T-shirt printing business is a profitable business in India where you need a printing machine that will cost you around INR 10k to INR 15k.

Start making customised t-shirts, bracelets, caps, hoodies, bags, bedsheets, etc. It is huge in demand, only you need to hit the right audiences.

Makeup Artist: #Business Idea-16

This one goes somewhat higher in investment, however, the profits are boundless. If you have the right stuff or have learned cosmetics expertly, you can be a full-time makeup artist with an increasing return rate with every session.

You will mainly do extend your system, propose distinctive cosmetics plans do cosmetics for various events and as per the customer’s necessities and can do webinars for your learners and charge.

Focusing upon the number of customers you get every month, as the best small business ideas in India, you make up to Rs 20k from every customer.

Resume Builder: #Business Idea-17

Experts and school graduates regularly hire resume developers at sensible costs that assist them with making the ideal resume to pro in job selection strategy.

You can manufacture adaptable resumes for your customers as per their necessities, start a website and deliver your service as a service over the web also can arrange paid live webinars for your subscribers and groups.

People holding experience in resume building are frequently paid up to Rs 1500 for each resume.

Tour Guide: #Business Idea-18

Do you have enthusiasm for Indian culture and history? Do you appreciate conversing with a group of individuals? Do you like seeing the energy of somebody having a fresh experience?

Then you might need to consider beginning a local tour guide business.

A tour guide business is ideal for a persuaded self-starter. As a local guide, you will be liable for knowing the most fascinating realities and areas with regards to your neighbourhood.

Investment is 0.

Profit is 20k+ per month.

Fitness Trainer: #Business Idea-19

Become Fitness Trainer.

2023 is full of healthy living and people are finding suitable training modules and supplements to maintain their immunity.

This is a profitable business idea in India with the least investment required to build and scale.

Plus, in the midst of the COVID-19 prompted lockdown, individuals haven’t had the option to visit gyms centers and other such wellness places and have been falling back on online fitness classes.

This is the moment if you are a gym trainer, a mentor, a nutritionist, or a wellness service sector, at that point, you should attempt to offer your types of assistance both on the web and offline.

Online fitness preparation will permit you to contact a more noteworthy crowd and affect individuals better besides expanding your general salary figure.

Numerous wellness coaches have just initiated this business startup thought. What are you hanging tight for?

Consultant: #Business Idea-20

Investment INR 0 if you work from home.

Business is all about providing services in return for some margin.

Consultancy is all about this as it required highly skilled expertise and to carry the business on.

You have to be pro in handling business in your domain or subject matter expert, which can be converted into a full-fledged business.

Every opportunity needs to coach a  consultant to carry things forward, you can maintain a consultancy service that provides services to its users.

Profit is INR 50k/month (approx.)

Video Editing: #Business Idea-21

Video altering alludes to the art of the control of video content so that the final product is appealing, drawing in, and easy to use. This is a worthwhile business thought. On the whole, you should be acceptable at altering and making captivating videos.

This is the best business idea when it comes to creativity. This can be outsourced and focus on gaining more clients.

The compensation in this field is great and you should evaluate this startup thought if you are acceptable with video editings.

Investment is of INR 0 condition if you work alone from home. You could begin a private company with a group.

Profits: INR 20k/month (Initially).


We plan to have addressed all your profitable business-related inquiries.

This rundown of business thoughts expects to give you the most profits and the best startup thoughts that need insignificant to zero capital investment.

We have attempted our best to accumulate the greater part of the business thoughts with low investment and high benefit.

You can open an account on Fiverr, Upwork, or other such records for all the web-based outsourcing thoughts we have given.

Tell us which new ideas from this blog list is your most loved in the comment below.

Did we miss some best profitable ideas with low investments? Tell us.

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