Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India: Easily Growing Startups

Startups can be many but only a few entrepreneurs know what to choose as a startup which will not only provide you a good living but also help to change India. Here are the Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India and which will also attract foreign investment in your startup that indirectly makes us grow our country as well as ourselves.

Entrepreneurs think about startups as investment and profits but it is not limited to these respectively. Startups are profitable by investing in a growing sector and can also be limited if you want small returns by investing in a specified market area.

Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

Travel Channel

Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

India has the most heritages and food variety which is a major attraction of tourism, only a few (considered globally) can witness the beauty of these places. Exploring India is not a piece of cake since the attraction also lies in between the narrow streets which can be not traversed in a single visit.

To make the heritages and food variety available to all the people around the world you can invest in setting up a travel channel that will make you cater to the people from around the world and they will explore India from their home by watching your travel channel.

The expense you need to bear with this startup is as follows -: travel employees, in-office employees (editors), equipment, travel expense, the channel broadcasting expense, and few small or one-time expenses which are – legal paperwork, rent, and bills.


Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

Inherited by the travel channel as a startup, you need to cater to the Indian heritage and food variety but in a different manner. Indians and foreigners are the visitors whom we will consider as a customer and the customer’s market will be India. You just need to have good knowledge about the Indian streets to cater to your customers.

You can have a website along with a mobile application that will let the travelers decide their destination and the total amount required to explore the desired places. Tourism as a startup will help you to get sponsors as well since it requires traveling, lodging, and fooding; if you decide to include all these in your startup then it can be considered as a sub-startup of your business. Though to include all may require more investment but the profit will be all yours.

To start tourism as a startup you need to own an app along with a website, an office for the management, just a few employees known to be a guide for your customers. So from this, we can extract that we need very little in terms of setup but in-depth research of heritage and food variety.


Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

The imaginary international internet currency is said to be cryptocurrency. To obtain this currency you need the help of robust programming and mining, i.e, similar to mining gold. Cryptocurrency comes in few forms which are as follows-: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Libra (LIBRA),  Monero (XMR), EOS (EOS), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Binance Coin (BNB).

These currencies are imaginary but require 10 times more safety as compared to real-world physical currency; it is because when you are going to start mining you will come across hackers who tend to steal your imaginary currency. If you choose data mining as a startup you need to be very safe in terms of storing the imaginary currency because looting is easier than mining.

You just need to invest in experienced and educated people who know how to mine and secondly in the security of storing the currency with minimal office expenses.


Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

Software as a Service means providing management services to the existing business and startups in the form of software. You need to develop software that will be helpful in the management of a company to cut down their employment cost. Once you develop this software you need to sell it or charge monthly from major companies for providing the services.

You can develop software that can be useful in managing a company’s account, task, mailing services, listing services, ordering services, and many similar services which will help the companies to perform their task at very low costs.

At first, you do not need to invest a huge amount because firstly you need a skilled team to develop the software and release it in the market. Later on when the demand increase you need to maximize your team to manage operations and provide maintenance to your software. These are the types of saas solutions and applications.

Entertainment Services

Entertainment service is the most required service where the consumers are directly Indian users. Though there are already existing entertainment services provided by NetflixAmazonHotstarVoot, Spotify, Saavan, and a few more; and to be unique from them you need to provide them these services at lower rates with a smoother experience because the existing entertainment service providers are costlier and if you can cover the gap of smoother services at a lower cost then it will be a successful startup for you.

You just need to develop a mobile application with a supporting website; after this, you need a franchise for catering to the entertainment services through your application to direct users. You need to have a skilled team to provide excellent services and manage your application. Requirements are less but expensive.

Education Services

As per the current industry of education, investment in this kind of startup has gone down. After the pandemic, education has shifted to online platforms but lack of proper services is a major drawback. You need to provide a well-developed application where teachers can register with their skills and connect to students who require to learn the specific skill in return for coaching fees which is also the income from your startup.

The application you will develop has to be very stable, provide quality services, competitive pricing, and a small team to manage the application and management to deal with teachers, students & scheduling. Here you need to do in-depth research and planning to be on the right track to control the unnecessary expenses.

Logistics as a Startup

Logistics is the only startup that tends to grow with other kinds of startups, i.e., 70% of Indian business is product-based which needs to be delivered to the respective customers, and for this, you need the help of Logistics. This means Logistics as a startup is the most growing one as it is directly proportional to the 70% of Indian business; if the product business grows then the Logistics demand will increase.

Logistics as a startup needs a very good management team to handle all the tasks, here the hard work is equal to the smart work because you are time-bounded. You need to invest in vehicles, in-office employees, field employees, and casual rents.

Household Services

Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

In today’s world, every single person is too busy or lazy in their life to get the job done by themselves and they expect someone to do their household work; may it be house cleaning, repairing, washing, grooming, or any other kind of work which is done at home. You need a few skilled persons in specific tasks and make them work for your clients who can book your services through a mobile application or a website.

To set up this kind of startup, you need to follow the same method as it is to be done in the education sector. Here, you do not need much investment at the starting but it is the most rapidly growing startup so you have to be prepared for the workload with a good management team.

Transportation as a Startup

Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

Sounds similar to logistics but it does not need heavy investment or management. You have to help millions of people to commute from one place to another at reasonable prices, it is just like launching a public transport company. You need to provide a platform mostly by a mobile application to your consumers where they can select the routes to travel and can get the cost with time at their ease of schedule.

You need to invest in the vehicles, employees, mobile application, and a management team. In the starting try to start from your local city then afterward at a slower pace try to expand your business throughout the country.

Medicine Manufacturing

After the pandemic, it is the most required startup by our country. Currently, India is lacking to fulfill the demands of the medicines, and due to this reason, the existing companies are charging a high cost of capsules, tablets, etc. and most of the Indian citizens are not able to afford their treatments.

Though it sounds like a costly startup, once you decide to invest in the medicine manufacturing startup you will get a helping hand from the government in terms of finance. You need to have skilled and experienced people who can work in your factory with a very robust management system.


Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

The upgrading world is only focusing on growing in terms of technology leaving behind the basic need for food which is agriculture. And another drawback which today’s farmers are facing is the lack of investment and they are going short of money even for their living.

There is a huge scope in agriculture because fields are vacant and existing farmers are lacking the benefits of modern types of machinery which helps them work at a faster pace. Therefore, you can blindfold invest in agriculture due to the lack of competition and higher demand for pulses, wheat, rice, etc.

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Electronic Parts

Electronics, as a startup does not, means selling manufactured to consumers rather you need to cater to the electronics company by providing the parts required by them to manufacture the electronic end product.

Currently, the Indian government has launched the Make In India project to boycott Chinese products, therefore, we can expect government attraction to an electronic startup where one will develop and produce the small parts required by mobile companies, household electronic companies, entertainment electronic companies, etc. wherever applicable.

Investment required is moderate but the product you will manufacture has very high demands since the import from China of these electronic small parts has been banned.

Telecom or Fiber Services

As of now, we know that the demand for internet services has increased dramatically along with 4G and 5G implementation in India. Currently, only a few companies are providing mobile services (by Airtel, Jio, and Vi) and fiber service (by Airtel, Jio, ACT Fiber, Comway, Sikka, Tikona, and Tachyon); they are existing but still competing to provide the best services at lower cots.

Though they are already existing, the scope of a startup lies within your hand just by providing quality services. Most probably the Fiber services are lacking behind in terms of quality, so you can start by targeting the weak location of these companies and set up your startup from the specific location where you can be the best for the consumers.

You need an average investment because you will be starting from a very specified location and slowly developing a network of your services.

Hospitality or Nursing at Home Startup

Hospitality is the most required by our current generation since they do not have time to look after their elders due to their jobs or busy schedule. If you think to set up hospitality as a startup then you will be the first one to start in this field. Every employed individual cares about their parents but their hectic schedule does not allow them to do so; if you can provide hospitality and nursing to their parents, people will love to use your services.

You need to hire nursing staff (not necessary to recruit all experienced), and have a mobile application for your users where they will book the required time to look after their loved ones. This service is not only required for the elders but also for those who have babies and both the parents are working. You do not need to invest a lot in starting.

Vehicle Servicing at Home

Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India

This is another unexplored startup that you can start as a freshman. People nowadays have to book an appointment and drive long to get their vehicle serviced which is very exhaustive and time-consuming. If you will provide the vehicle service at their home in a selected time slot then people would be loving it since they will get the freedom to complete their other tasks.

To achieve this kind of startup, you need to hire trained professionals who are capable to do the job and software from where the user can select the time slot and type of vehicle for servicing. You need to invest in employees, software, and a few tool kits.


The startups mentioned here are the one which is currently most needed by our rapidly developing countries so you should consider these Top 15 Evolving Startups that will change India. If you are investing in any of these startups then you will grow at a faster pace but at first, you need to create a planning chart to make it go smoothly.

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